Posted by: mamakass | February 3, 2014

Gift exchange goodies!

Every year my  knitters from Philly do a gift swap. We each get someone else assigned, and we have a few months to put together a gift for our partner. It’s always really awesome and everyone really gets into it. This year I was participating from afar because we moved.

My person is a teacher who, according to her Pinterest page, likes mermaids. So I did a mermaid theme for her gift.

So I made her a scarf that reminded me of mermaid fins.

Mermaid scarfDick made one of his awesome labels for me, this one a pirate logo.

ArghShe’s vegan, so I used Maggiknits Maggi’s Linen, which is just about 50/50 cotton/linen and has a nice texture.

I also made her some kelp forest scented bath salts with essential oils and got her a copy of  Coastal Knits and A mermaid hook for the wall and wrapped it in a mermaid bag. I hope she liked it.

This past weekend was the swap party, and since I unfortunately couldn’t make it due to having moved halfway across the country, I had to miss it, which was sad.

But today I got my gift in the mail!

Awesome gifts!My gift giver did awesome! I love it all! I got tasty coffee (which was perfect timing because I’m out), an awesome bag, awesome fair isle fingerless mitts with cute pom-poems, a felted bracelet,soak, stitch markers, and yarn and the pattern to do the kelpie cap, which is a knit along they’re doing this month. Now I can participate! What a great gift! Thanks so much, Lisa!




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