Posted by: mamakass | March 21, 2013

What!? She finished a yarn? She actually spun something!? She hasn’t done that in, like, a YEAR!?

OK, so it was really 8 months, but still. That’s a long time.

After knitting that last shawl I really felt like a good spin, and I wanted something quick, unlike my usual yarn that ends up laceweight even after you three-ply it.

So I decided I was going to try fauxlags. I’m purposefully not linking to the link I used, because it didn’t work out so well. The website I used to explain it, said to roll the fiber around a rolling pin. Since it wasn’t rolled so small, I had quite a bit of difficulty with long drawing it. Also because I was using BFL, which is a long staple wool. Woops.

So this ended up being something of an art spin, where I was sorta trying to long draw, but having to short draw here and there. So it’s uneven, but it will make a nice something.


Yarn! Hooray!



  1. I had the opposite problem with my first fauxlag project. I used a small dowel, and compacted them so hard they were difficult to draft. I didn’t realize that a lighter hand with a smaller diameter dowel would work better. However, the yarns are still quite pretty, yours and mine both.

    • Thanks! I’m sure I’ll try it again sometime, now that I have a better idea how to do it.

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