Posted by: mamakass | July 14, 2012

Grenadine Sweater

So, I finished this sweater a long time ago, but I’ve been going crazy with all the things I’ve had to do lately, so I haven’t had a chance for a photo shoot.

This is definitely my favorite cardigan I’ve ever made.

Pattern: Grenadine by Amy Christoffers

Yarn: I held one end of Classic Elite Yarns Miracle in red with one end of Knit Picks Stroll in Merlot Heather and got right on gauge

Needles: Size 8

Modifications: None

This pattern was incredibly easy to follow and resulted in a wonderful sweater that I’m just so happy with. There’s really nothing about it that I don’t like, except that it’s a wool/alpaca/tencel/nylon blend when it’s all said and done, and summer is too hot to wear it. Oh…if only it were fall.



  1. Hi, I saw your note on Ravelry regarding the ease of knitting Grenadine. The first decrease row went fine. Now, I’m to my second decrease row and for some reason dropping stitches throws off the pattern. I have no idea what I am doing incorrectly. Every decrease row I drop an extra stitch off the next Wrong side row and R row for 17 more rows. If you can help I’d so appreciate it.

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