Posted by: mamakass | July 7, 2012

TNNA swag

I went to TNNA this year for the first time for work. It was totally aweseme. I think my favorite part was the fashion show.

I took a class called “Knit it Now!” which, according to the description was supposed to be about the latest trends in yarns. Well, it was, presuming you consider novelty yarns to be the latest trends. The class was taught by Trendsetter yarns, who sell some of the crazier novelty yarns I’ve ever seen. I will say, however, they feel a lot nicer than a lot of the ones I used when I first started knitting. I wonder if they were the company who made the yarn for the first scarf I ever knit. The class would have been great if I owned a knitting store (which was really a good assumption on their part, considering that’s the focus for TNNA) because they taught you how to get customers to buy add-ons in the store and how to get rid of odd lots.

Anyway, I learned how to Tunisian crochet in the class! They gave me a gorgeous Tunisian crochet hook! They gave me yarn to make a scarf! It’s the ugliest scarf I’ve ever made in my life! (with the possible exception of the first one, which wasn’t even a rectangle because I kept accidentally adding stitches.)

Yes. That yarn IS variegated with fun fur.

I also got some free samples of Dark Horse Yarn Fantasy

These yarns were packaged so cute with little icee cup lids and knitting needle straws! Unfortunately, I already started knitting with it before I took this picture, so you can’t see the cute. This yarn is incredibly soft and wonderful feeling for being an acrylic / nylon blend. It must be microdenier. My favorite thing about it is the occasional red in the gray. I’m using these to make Triangle Loop for the woman I went to the show with, since she so politely let me have her sample.

I also got this beautiful chain-plied silk yarn from Vijay Fibers. Unfortunately, it’s not on Ravelry. The yarn is listed on the tag as a 20/2 x 5 ply. Bad luck, though…I don’t know silk counts as well as I know cotton counts, or I’d understand the exact weight. Either way, there are about 160 yards and it’s about a DK weight. My guess is the company is new into American hand knitting, since it’s labeled more like an industrial yarn would be than a craft yarn.

Last but not least is the AMAZINGLY gorgeous Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere! I got 2 skeins and will be sure to make something amazing with them. I’m thinking of a very lightweight short-sleeved cardi. We’ll see thought. I’m very excited about it. 


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