Posted by: mamakass | May 5, 2012

FO: Billie Directional Pullover

Pattern: Billie Directional Pullover

Yarn: S. Charles Collezione Luna in Blue Moon and Stella in Silver Mist

Size Made: 31 inch

Modifications: None

There’s a whole saga about this knit. I saw it first at Stitches East on a model. I believe it was the one in the picture. And I kept thinking about how beautiful it was, so I went back the next day and though the yarn and the pattern book (which also had several other patterns). The booth where I bought it (The Needle Lady of Charllotesville, VA)had sold out all of the pattern booklets except their store copy, so they made me a photocopy so I could get started on the project. I gave them my address and they said they’d mail me the book when they got more in. Well, 2 months go by, and I’ve finished knitting the sweater, which is sitting in pieces in a bag, and I still haven’t gotten the pattern booklet. So I email the company I bought it from, and they reply with basically “don’t worry about it’s we’re still working on it. We just haven’t gotten any back yet” Now, Stitches East was in October. At the end of January, they get back to me by saying that Stacy Charles has decided not to reprint the book so they’ll give me a refund for the book. Now it’s May and I still haven’t gotten my refund, so I’m willing to bet that it’s not going to come.

Because of all that, I felt really ambivalent about the pattern and didn’t feel like seaming it. But I finally got around to it  because I was tired of seeing it in my WIPs and it looks really good. Hopefully by the time it’s cold enough to wear it I’ll feel a little less bitter.

Oh by the way–how cute is my new purse lying on the ground?

Anyway, the pattern itself was remarkably well-written and easy to follow even though the design was so complicated. The various pieces fit together perfectly, and the resulting sweater is beautiful. I do wish the would have listed the size the model is wearing in the picture, because I expected to to fit like that, and was a little disappointed to find out it was more tight-fitted and I hadn’t bought enough yarn to make a larger size.



  1. I love it!!

  2. It’s really pretty and it looks GREAT on you! I’m glad you decided to finish it.

    And yes, that purse is precious!

  3. srsly…can we see more of the purse? 😉

  4. The sweater looks great!!

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