Posted by: mamakass | February 19, 2012

Fall Socks that were (supposed to be made) before fall

So, I started making these socks in August, so they would be finished before fall. But then, halfway through the first sock, I lost them. I didn’t find them again until I was packing up the house to move into our amazing new apartment (info on that still to come.)

So, here they are, finally finished seven months later, and much after fall:

Pattern: Devon by Cookie A. (rav link)

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Foliage

Needles:Size 1.5 Two circular method

Modifications: I had to re-chart the socks slightly to make the pattern repeat 16 stitches so that I could cast on 64 stitches. The pattern as written would have never made it on my feet, and to add an entire repeat would make them much too large.

This pattern was a pretty fun and quick knit. It is true lace, meaning there is lace shaping on every row, and I think due to that, the socks aren’t as warm as others I’ve made. There are distinct air holes that I can feel when I’m walking. It’s a little strange to have drafty wool socks, but I suppose that makes them better for the warmer weather of fall. So far I’ve worn them a little before the photo, and you can see there’s already a bit of pilling, which, while not ideal, is hardly unexpected.

Anyway, overall I’m quite happy with these socks. They were not as hard as many of the other Cookie A. socks I’ve knit, and they came out beautifully.


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