Posted by: mamakass | December 11, 2011

Leafy Fall Sweater, or, My Boyfriend Hasn’t Brought His Camera in a While

I finished this project a while ago. Like, October 23. That’s quite a while for it to be finished and not blogged, but my boyfriend has conveniently forgotten to bring his camera every weekend since then. Or else I forgot to bring the sweater when I went to visit him, so it’s really not all his fault. Anyway, I give you Vahtralehed:

Pattern: Vahtralehed by Whitney Gegg-Harrison

Yarn: Sliver Moon Farms Worsted BFL, purchased at Rhinebeck in 2010

Needles: Size 8 circulars

Modifications: I took off the decoration at the wrist.

I had quite a few problems with this pattern, and am only relatively pleased with the FO. First of all, the pattern organization was a little all over the place, so I kept missing important information, only to find it was on a different part of the page or on a different page altogether. Also, this pattern has an optional math page for personalized waist shaping, which is very nice, but there are errors in the directions to do the math. I figured it out while I was doing it, so I was able to make my waist shaping correctly, but I’m sure that would confuse people less math-inclined than me. I also didn’t like the way it was written for several size chunks. With all the commas and parenthesis, it was easy to lose which number you were looking at.

The other problem I had was with the gauge. I’m not sure how she got the gauge she got, because when I was finally able to get gauge, the fabric was much too loose and drapey. I ended up with making the Large size to get the XS because my gauge was so much smaller. Of course, that could be my fault instead of the pattern, because my gauge swatch LIED and the sweater came out significantly bigger than I expected it to. I can’t wear it buttoned up because then you notice that the armpits are at the bottom of my ribs. When it’s worn open, it looks like it’s one of those loose sweaters that are in style now.

However, my FAVORITE thing about this sweater are the buttons I got. Yay!





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