Posted by: mamakass | July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday: getting some sunset socks and blankies done

I have actually been getting some knitting done this week!

I brought my socks with me on my trip to Georgia last week, and I didn’t leave them on the airplane like last time!  I actually was less exhausted than usual, too, so I had plenty of time in the evenings to watch tv and knit, rather than just passing out as soon as I got to the hotel. I took my July socks, which are for Dick, with me, and actually got pretty far on them:

So far, I think the color looks a little silly, mostly because it’s all blue and then orange at the bottom real quick, but after it is orange for a while and then turns yellow, the orange will look a lot less random. I think they’re shaping up nicely.

Meanwhile, I need to be getting on with the baby blanket I’m knitting my cousin. I got the invitation to her shower, and it’s at the beginning of August, so I have a pretty strict deadline.

This is where I am (you won’t be getting a daylight picture until it’s done. I am not lugging 15 lbs of yarn outside to take a wip shot):

This won’t be done until it’s a square. I really should get back to knitting it and quit writing a blog post…




  1. Hmm, interesting socks.

    I’m loving the blanket!

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