Posted by: mamakass | June 6, 2011

FO: Aethercopter Seed

This was a project that I did as part of a knit-along with my knitting group. We all loved the pattern and it was designed by someone local, so a bunch of us got together to knit it.

Pattern:  Aethercopter by Jocelyn Tunney

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Solitude

Needles: Size 5 and 7 circular

Modifications: I used sport-weight yarn instead of DK weight, and changed the needle sizes accordingly.

I really like this pattern and think it ended up being an absolutely beautiful…umm…shawl?…scarf?….uhhh….wrap thing.

The construction of it was quite clever, and makes the finished object into a beautiful mixture of a scarf and shawl, with the stiffer, more structured folded stockinette section acting as a support beam for the drapey, laciery part.

And even with going down so far in yarn/needle sizes (I’m convinced the sport weight yarn is much closer to fingering weight), I still managed to make the scarf about five and a half feet long.

For me, the inspiration of this project was maple seeds. We always called them helicopter seeds when I was growing up, and I loved to play with them. When I saw the pattern, I wanted to make it, but more like a helicopter seed. So I was very particular in choosing exactly the right color of yarn. It had to be the color of a browned seed and semisolid, to represent the veins that grow though the leaf section.

I would say that I didn’t do half bad.



  1. Really neat design and you did a great job knitting it. Love the color!

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