Posted by: mamakass | April 18, 2011

Business trip=knitting sadness

I went on a business trip last week, and since I’d be on the plane, I brought my socks to knit.

It worked really well, until the return trip, when I fell asleep and left my project bag on the plane. OH NO!!!

So I went with Dick on Saturday to his LYS and I got new needles and some new yarn and started working up some simple socks so I can hopefully get them done this month.

And good news! They’re beautiful!

In other, kinda funny news, I’ll be shortly knitting basically the same thing as The Painted Sheep. Up next on my sock-of-the-month list is to knit my sister Kai-Mei in the sock blank she knit up, which you’ll notice is conveniently a very similar colorway to what The Painted Sheep will be using. Now, granted, it’s a wildly popular pattern, and women do love purples and reds, but I still find it a little funny.



  1. You tryn’a say I’m not original!?

    Grr…my reds are way redder than her reds. 😀

  2. […] you may remember, I left the project for the socks I was making for April on an airplane. So that weekend, Dick and I went to an lys near his house and bought me some yarn and  and a new […]

  3. […] socks with me on my trip to Georgia last week, and I didn’t leave them on the airplane like last time!  I actually was less exhausted than usual, too, so I had plenty of time in the evenings to watch tv […]

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