Posted by: mamakass | March 9, 2011

FO: Pan’s Ravelled Flower

This is my first entry for Crafting Poetry (link to rav group), which is a group devoted to crafting projects inspired by poetry.

Pattern: Spring Tulip Dishcloth by Lily Sugar’n Cream

Yarn: Peaches & Creme Ombres in Faded Denim

Needles: Size 8

This dishcloth is inspired by the poem “Pan with us” by Robert Frost. I was reading around for different poems to be inspired by, and when I got to the final stanza of this poem, I immediately knew what to make. It may be a tad literal, but if immediately knowing how to craft a line in a poem isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is.

The stanza goes like this:

They were pipes of pagan mirth,
And the world had found new terms of worth.
He laid him down on the sun-burned earth
And ravelled a flower and looked away—
Play? Play?—What should he play?

Obviously the inspirational bit there is “ravelled a flower” as that is what I have done. Now, why a dishcloth? I admit to my thinking, which is INCREDIBLY corny and not even a good pun. Because it’s Pan’s flower. Get it? It’s a flower for (washing) pans! Haha. What a knee-slapper.

Anyway, I was kind of happy when the yarn started pooling in that oddly diagonal way because I think it is a good metaphor for the passage of time, which this poem is about, but completely occurred by accident during the knitting of this washcloth.

Why blue? Because it’s what I had, that’s why.



  1. You’re hilarious.

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