Posted by: mamakass | February 27, 2011

FO: Sam Socks

I finished my pair of socks for February! (Did I mention I was going to knit a pair of socks a month? That’s the plan, anyway.)

Pattern: Sam by Cookie A. (rav link)

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in the Rauen colorway

Needles: Size 1.5 circulars (I used, as usual, the two circular method)

Modifications: I shortened the leg by one pattern repeat because I was bored of the cables and thought it would make the socks too long. It’s a good thing I did because I would have run out of yarn. There was hardly any left.

So, this was the first pair of socks I knit from the book Dick’s mom gave me for Christmas, so you should be seeing a lot more Cookie A. Patterns coming from me this year. I like to take full advantage of the things I own, so I’ll be making lots of socks from that book.

I got somewhat annoyed with this pattern because all the cabling on the leg made it go very, very slowly. There was cabling on every other row either once or twice per 8 stitches. That makes for a very slow-going sock. But I think it turned out really beautifully. Davin and Dick disagree with me, and think all the cabling looks ugly. Dick says the beautiful color makes up for it.

A note on the color: this is the second time I’ve used a Raven Clan colorway from Socks that Rock, and the second time I’ve had extreme issues with the yarn crocking all over my hands. Every time I would knit with it, even for just a few minutes, my hands turned all black and dirty, and it didn’t wash off well.

When I blocked the socks, I soaked them in a bucket of vinegar water (lots of vinegar) for a day and then soaked them in the regular soapy water for a day, hoping the socks wouldn’t dye my feet. The water in neither of the baths turned black, and the socks aren’t dyeing my feet, so hopefully the vinegar bath did it. I would suggest that anyone using the Raven clan colorways soak the skein in a vinegar bath before knitting with it.



  1. I love them! Cool pattern and great color!

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