Posted by: mamakass | January 25, 2011

FO: Evergreen Sleeve Tunic

Pattern: Evergreen Sleeve Tunic (rav link) by Michele Rose Orne from Inspired to Knit

Yarn: I’m not really sure. I bought it at Rhinebeck, and it didn’t have a label. The receipt didn’t have a name either and I can’t find anything similar on Ravelry. It appears to be a 4-ply pencil roving (making a singles super-bulky yarn), and is scratchy, which for a sweater this bulky doesn’t really bother me, particularly considering how expensive nice yarn this bulky would be. I used about 60% of what the pattern suggested I should have.

Needles: Size 15 for the body and 11 for the neckline.

Size made: Small. Even though I got gauge, though, I think it’s smaller than it should be, since it’s fitted. (I think the model is wearing a size larger than she should, though, since that’s the medium she’s wearing, and she’s pretty tiny).

Modifications: I used the top half of the sleeve lace pattern on the body of the sweater to make it a little prettier and more feminine.

The only thing about this sweater that I’m not particularly wild about is the collar. It’s very stiff, and since the yarn is scratchy my chin hits it and gets rubbed a little. I might shorten it by a good inch or two, or take off the turtleneck entirely if it starts to bother me too much. So far I’ve just been folding it down and it’s worked great.

I do actually really like the sleeve length. The sleeves are just a little short, hitting at my wrists, which is perfect for a pullover to wear around the house because I don’t like it when my sleeves get in the way washing dishes and such. This way I won’t have to fold them up! Yay!

I still haven’t blocked it, so we’ll see if it stretches significantly when I do. Either way I really like it, even though it’s outside my usual choices.



  1. I think your version is much prettier than the one in the book!

    • Thanks!

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