Posted by: mamakass | January 3, 2011

2010–year in review (Spinning)

2010 was a good year for me. I moved to a better part of town (better because it’s closer to work and housing is more affordable). My sister’s boyfriend moved in with us, and he was unfortunately unemployed since he graduated college until last month, when he finally got a job! He starts tomorrow. My boyfriend and I are still together and extremely happy. I had my third Thanksgiving with his family. He had his first Christmas with mine. My sister thought she broke her spine, but it turned out to just be a little scar tissue that can be fixed with physical therapy.

In knitting terms, I really got to know my spinning wheels. The first I got in December of 2009, so I didn’t really learn to use it until 2010. The other I got in 2010, so I got to use it more. I haven’t been spinning as much since summer, which I blame on Christmas knitting and also being disheartened by my fiber club. It was supposed to be seasonal, with each month’s fiber being inspired by the month, and I began by getting the fiber at the beginning of the month. Somewhere along the line, it started being sent on the last of the month, and I didn’t get it until the beginning of the month after. That was particularly disheartening for October, which had Halloween themed fiber I didn’t get until halfway through November. November’s fiber wasn’t sent until the middle of December. So luckily that’s over with now, and I won’t be buying any more fiber clubs (also because I was unhappy with several of the colorways.) I would rather choose exactly what and when I get.

But I spun some lovely yarns this year (Hover for name of yarn):


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