Posted by: mamakass | November 8, 2010

bugs, oh my! :-(

This weekend I was working on knitting soap socks for Dick’s family for Christmas and ran into some bug damage in my yarn! 😦

Here’s a picture of the damage on one of the skeins (all of those ends are individual places the bugs ate. I also ripped off about 6 other pieces from the ball!

So, suspecting bug damage, I ran up to my stash and looked through everything for more bug damage. I found bug damage on one other skein and found a bug sitting on another. So now all of my yarn is in the freezer so the bugs will die.

Also, I have finished by brother’s Christmas socks. They aren’t photgraphing well because I don’t have a model with large feet. I’ll take a better picture at Christmas.



  1. 😦 It is the worst feeling in the world to find bug damage.

    The socks look great!

    • Yeah, it sucks.

      Thanks, though, about the socks!

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