Posted by: mamakass | October 3, 2010


Yesterday was the perfect day for a festival. The weather was wonderful. I have a few pictures of the festival, but they’re on my camera, and not on the computer yet. Maybe I’ll get to it a little later.

What I do have are pictures of my purchases.

First up: angora fiber. They were selling angora bunnies, and I wanted to buy one, but decided an animal is a really bad impulse purchase, so now I’m looking into what it takes to own one. They are absolutely adorable. If you don’t know what they look like, google them. But ignore the pictures of English Angoras (the gigantic fur-balls ones) as they are not as cute and not what I’m talking about, though I’m not sure specifically which breed it was. Their fur is so very cloudlike and soft, and apparently the rabbits are friendly. But you also have to brush them every day because they shed like nobodies business.

I bought some of their fiber.

It came in an odd packaging and is not prepared for spinning, but I’ll just pet it every once and a while and pretend it’s my bunny.

I also bought some beautiful alpaca/silk fiber wtih firestar. It’s very pretty. There are blue, yellow and red firestar bits in it so it’s interesting.

It’s going to make really pretty yarn, but in the meantime, it makes a really great mustache:

I also got some really soft, dense yarn to make a cardigan with. It’s undyed alpaca (I think I was in an undyed fiber mood yesterday)

Dick picked out some yarn for socks. He’s really excited to get another pair because he liked the last pair so much.

And last, but certainly not least, there were some really pretty bags that I liked, and Dick’s mom got me one “for my birthday.”

There are about 10 pockets in it and tons of space to hold my knitting. Yay!

Happy fall everyone!


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