Posted by: mamakass | September 29, 2010

Christmas knitting and other topics (Mommy don’t read)

So, I’ve been working on my Christmas knitting already. My dad’s socks are done. I won’t do a post on them because I know he reads my blog. I’m not sure if my mom does, so I’ll go ahead and chance it.

I have lately been rather sporadic in my knitting. Normally I’m all monogamous, but lately that’s just been impossible. I have been working on a cardigan on and off since the spring, but I’m just not loving it and I keep making mistakes so it just hangs out as a UFO.

I’ve been working on an improvised shawl out of some squooshy alpaca I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It is going to be a wonderful treat in the winter time. I still haven’t gotten very far, but it is liberating not working from a pattern. I’ve been doing something different every time I’ve sat down to work on it.

I finished my mom’s socks for Christmas. Here’s a picture:

Yes, those are hearts at the top. It’s adorable.

Also exciting is that I’m going to the Fall Fiber Festival this weekend with Dick and his mom! That should be lots of fun. I’ll take pictures and be sure to write a post!



  1. Dad did read it. Read it out loud to your Mom but left out some key sentences.

    • Thanks, Daddy

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