Posted by: mamakass | August 29, 2010

FO: I’m a buttonhead.

There are days when you just want to get something done. That happened to me this week as I struggled through what seems like a million WIPs.

Currently OTN I have my Dad’s Christmas socks (waiting for him to come visit so I can make sure they’re the right length), Mom’s Christmas socks (waiting for her to come so I can make sure they’re the right width), my Rhinebeck sweater (not a quick finish) and a Honeycomb vest I started on a whim (also not a quick finish). Since I’m so far from finishing anything, I wanted to get something done. So I grabbed some bulky handspun and got to knitting a hat.

Pattern: Buttonhead by Lee Meredith

Yarn: This handspun I apparently never blogged about (I spun it the day we were moving between loads.)

I bought the fiber at the Maryland sheep and wool this year for a whopping $4. (That’s just $1/oz)

Needles: Size 10.5 dpns

This was a nice and quick pattern to knit. I got the whole thing done in just an evening and then had to find buttons. I went down to fabric row yesterday and got these really pretty ones and sewed them on. Now it’s cute!!

Yay for instant gratification!



  1. That is totally cute! I love the nubby-ness of it. I am currently slogging through a few big projects and am starting to look for some instant gratification myself! 🙂

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