Posted by: mamakass | August 22, 2010

FO: Mirror Socks

I’ve completed the beginning of my Christmas knitting!

The socks I’m knitting for my sister for Christmas are completed! While I found knitting them to be a pain, the finished socks are quite beautiful to look at.

Pattern: Magic Mirror by Jeannie Cartmel

Needles: Size 1–two circular method

Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino in the colorway “Blues Greens #103”

I had a really hard time with these socks. I started knitting them two-at-a-time on 2 circular needles, but got almost all the way done before realizing there was no way they were going to fit. So I ripped them out, went up a needle size and knit them one-at-a-time, all the while testing and seeing that they should fit. They’re still very difficult to get over the heel, which I wish I could have fixed, but definitely have no interest in knitting the pattern over again two more times.

The pattern itself is quite beautiful, but since it’s almost exclusively twisted rib, it’s a little annoying and time-consuming to get through.

Now that I look at the pictures, it appears the socks are not the same length, though when I hold them up together they seem to be the same size. They must just be bunched differently on her feet in the pictures.

This pattern was pretty and I’m glad I made it. I just wish I hadn’t had to knit it twice.

Now I have two other WIPs going on, one is a vest and the other is a cardigan. I’m also almost finished with my dad’s Christmas socks, but the first one looks like the foot is too long, so I’m holding off on knitting the toe on the other until he comes to visit in 2 weeks so I can try them on him and make sure they can fit.

I’m also going to knit intensely on Mom’s socks so that I can try them on her when they come visit too.


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