Posted by: mamakass | August 1, 2010


July was a hot month, and full of action. I was so busy with so many things, which was wonderful!

I started off the month with a lovely vacation with Dick to the Outer Banks. It stormed the day before we got there, so the water was too rough for swimming. (We tried it the first day. The ocean moved my swimming suit off the useful areas and wouldn’t let me stand up for a breath between waves. I got knocked over by five waves before I was able to right myself and fix my suit. Luckily there weren’t many people on the beach and the lifeguard was the only one who got a show). So after that, there was no swimming. But we did camp, go to museums, go kayaking and see lots of beautiful beach critters.

I’ve been away every weekend visiting my boyfriend and helping his friends move. Yesterday I went to one of my good friend’s bridal showers. (Which ended up being a wedding shower, as the groom and several other men showed up). It was good to see her again. I haven’t seen much of her recently.

That’s what’s great about summer, though. Everyone is out doing things, so there is always a lot to do. Today we’re celebrating by making bread and pesto out of the basil in our garden. They will be delicious.

I spun some yarn today too. I don’t like it much. Partly because it’s crappy since I was trying a bunch of new things. I bought Spin Control and decided to spin yarn without pre-drafting and Navajo-plying it. Neither of those turned out particularly well, but the ends of the yarn are better than the beginnings because of that. To make matters worse, I’m not really fond of the color. It’s from gold and purple top, which are possibly my two least favorite colors, and the yarn turned out, in my sister’s words, to look like old, faded yarn from the 70s.

Don’t believe me?

That’s the top in the background that it’s spun from. See how bad that plying is? It’s so bad I can’t even pass it off as art yarn.

I think that the roving makes the yarn color look more vibrant than it is. Here’s another picture without it.

I think the only hope for this yarn (since it is really soft) is to overdye it red so that it’s orange, purple and red and then make a scarf or cowl out of it. Maybe that will hide some of the mistakes. And then it wouldn’t be that wretched color. (Look at the fadey-white parts. The bright gold almost makes it look ok.)

Anyway, in making nicer things news, I’m working on some socks for my sister. I’ve finished the first one and am making the second. They look like this:

I think they are quite pretty. It looks like a river.

I will be making many more socks soon, since I told my family I’d make them all socks for Christmas. I’ve started my Dad’s, but they aren’t far along enough yet to take a picture.



  1. yeah–first time in your life Dad gets first!!!!!

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