Posted by: mamakass | May 6, 2010


My knitting mojo has been completely dead the last couple days. I’m not sure why, but I have been almost entirely neglecting all things fibery.

I have a few possible explanations:

1) I’ve been out. I went shopping two days this week, and we barbequed with the neighbors two evenings. This explains the not knitting in the evenings.

The buses are harder to explain. I have been sitting on the bus for an hour, with perfectly good knitting in my purse, and choosing to space out and do nothing. Maybe I’m tired. Maybe I just miss my boyfriend (He’s coming this weekend and I haven’t seen him in 4 weeks!) Maybe I’m just not into my project. I’m not sure. But I do hope it comes back because there are a lot of projects I want DONE, I just don’t seem to want to do them right now.



  1. I *hate* when my mojo takes a vacation. It makes me sad. I wander around the house and sigh a lot.

    *way to make myself look like a loser,yo*

  2. Haha. I haven’t been sighing at least. Just staring into space. And there’s a perfectly good knitting project next to me. What happened? I can’t figure it out.

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