Posted by: mamakass | April 28, 2010

What have I been doing lately?

I have so many little FOs. It’s weird. Normally I’m a very monogamous knitter. Maybe it’s the coming of Spring, but I have more WIPs on ravelry than ever before. (That’s 5, btw).  However, with today’s massive photo shoot and FO post, I will be completing a bunch of these and only be left with 3 WIPs. (What? I’m not a saint. I can’t be completely monogamous all the time. Better to cheat with knitting than boys.)

So, bring on the FOs:

First up, the ever-popular Skew from Knitty.

Needles: Size 1.5

Yarn: Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks–Twin Cities

These socks were meant to be the fraternal twin pair for Dick’s Rocks & Rivers socks.

Since Skew only comes in one size, I went up a needle size to make it fit my feet. It’s still a little small, which I believe is because the bias knit makes it stretchy diagonally and not around. It’s fairly difficult to get them on, but once on, they fit fine.

They were incredibly easy and quick to make. I actually finished them in two weeks, though you wouldn’t know it by my blogging. I think it’s because of the simple stockinnette, but they just flew off the needles.

Next up:

Pattern: Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel

Needles: Size 8

Yarn: Spring Buds Handspun

This was another extremely quick knit. I wanted to find a pattern that would show off my yarn and not take too much time because I wanted to be able to wear it in the springtime! This pattern was perfect. I really enjoyed it.

Last, but not least:

Pattern: All Washed Up by Jill Arnusch

Needles: Size 7

Yarn: Peaches & Creme

I made this dishcloth on a whim one night when I couldn’t get to sleep. I had the half-ball of yarn in my stash, needing to get used up, so I made a cloth. It only took about 2 hours, and completely emptied my stash of that colorway. Win!



  1. Great job on the socks! Thanks for the dishcloth link!

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