Posted by: mamakass | April 13, 2010

General Ramblings

On the knitting front, I’ve been knitting Skew. It has been going surprisingly fast. I knit the first sock in a week, and I’m already almost halfway done with the second. Expect an FO post shortly.

I’m also working on the shawl I’m knitting with that pink handspun I have, but it takes serious counting, so it’s hard to find time and is slow-going when I find it. Luckily I had nothing to do on Sunday and got through 2 pattern repeats. The shawl is now about 8 inches wide! (Not that that’s very far at all.)

I finished spinning a yarn this weekend, but I’ve had trouble capturing the color in photographs. Dick is trying to help me out on that, so hopefully I’ll be able to have a finished yarn post about it soon.

And in other news, we have picked out a house to live in next year, paid our deposit on it and everything! So next month I’ll be doing a lot of moving, which will seriously cut down on my knitting time, but will be great because I will cut down my commute to 20 minutes (from an hour)!



  1. Congrats on the house! I”ve been considering Skew but I’m not entirely sure yet.

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