Posted by: mamakass | April 2, 2010

Yay for days off!

I’m off of work today, which is wonderful. I’m spending the day at home alone, and I’ve done 9 loads of laundry (spring cleaning. I’m washing everything that can go into a washing machine) and cleaned the house, mopped the floors and got rid of some old things I don’t need anymore. It’s quite exciting. Also, my boyfriend will be here in about 2 or 2 and a half hours, and we’ll have a lovely long weekend to spend alone together.

Salena and I are planning on moving across town in May so we can be closer to where we work, and Dick and I are planning to go to our new neighborhood this weekend to walk around and check it out some. It should be lovely.

I also have gotten some spinning done. I’m working on making a 2-ply worsted yarn out of my March fiber. I will put up pictures later, when I’m done with it, but as of now I’ve finished one of the singles!

Oh! I also have more good news! I got my sister a job at my company. I’ve been too busy working on the yarn colors to be able to file, so we’re hiring her to come in one day a week to do the filing. This is exciting because she’ll get an extra days worth of income! (She says that now she has 4/5 of a salary. Lol.) Since she’s a dancer, she works part-time so she can move her work schedule around her dancing schedule.

Have a happy Easter!



  1. Whoa. 9 loads?! Impressive! Happy Easter 🙂

  2. Do you always do your laundry in the form of 9 loads at a time now? haha

  3. I try. 9 loads once a month is better than 2 a week! I call it “Laundrypalooza!”

  4. Necesito su dirección para los marcadores. 😉

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