Posted by: mamakass | March 31, 2010

FO: Rocks and Rivers Socks

I just finished this project of socks for Dick, and I’m really excited because he loves them! He called them hugs for his feet.

Pattern: Rocks and Rivers by Kate Knuff (rav link)

Yarn: Marathon Socks–Twin Cities in Lake Nokomis

Needles: Size 1 circulars. I started with doing the two circ method, but then one of them broke, so I switched to magic loop.

Mods: There were two mods I did with this pattern, and they are both rather simple. The first of which, is actually something of a complaint. Dick’s feet are 9.5 inches in circumference, which is exactly the size of the small in the pattern as written. I checked my gauge, it was spot on, and I started knitting. After knitting a few rows of the ribbing, I realized that there was NO WAY the sock would fit on a man’s foot. It was even questionable as to whether it would fit mine. I chalked it up to knitting on a tighter gauge in the round. So I ripped it out and started the larger size (10.5 inches) and it was still WAY too small. I looked at the pattern and noticed that it was written with 3.5 inches of negative ease. Now, I know you want negative ease in a sock, but in yarn without elastic, that’s ridiculous. So I added two more inches to the pattern and cast on again. The socks are still a little tight getting them on, but they fit.

I didn’t get a good picture of the second mod. Pity. At the toe, I didn’t really like how the cable pattern just ended. I wanted it to flow, like a river. So during the toe decreases, I periodically decreased the width of the cable section, and let the cables bounce back and forth over smaller numbers of stitches until a few rows where they stayed straight and then I decreased both of the purl sides at once so it just joined the stockinette. I think it looks quite pretty that way. Too bad I didn’t get a picture. The one above is the best I’ve got.

edit: You can actually see that on either the above picture or the last one if you click on them and zoom in all the way. These pictures are so ridiculously high-res, that not only can you see every stitch, you can see individual FIBERS coming out of the yarn. Thanks, Dick for letting me use your camera!

One cool thing about the way the sizing and yarn worked out is that the striping pattern is almost exactly halfway off between the two socks. So one sock (left here) has a specky ankle ribbing, heel and toe and the other is solid on those places. It worked out PERFECTLY. I can’t say I really like the way the heel looks on the specky sock, but it does provide a nice contrast to the solid one.

The pattern was actually quite simple and fun. The micro-cables really were just enough the keep from getting lost in the monotony of stockinette knitting, and the self-patterning yarn that Dick picked out really went well with the simple pattern. So all’s well that ends well. Just like March.



  1. They look great!

  2. […] These socks were meant to be the fraternal twin pair for Dick’s Rocks & Rivers socks. […]

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