Posted by: mamakass | March 22, 2010

New Yarn: My Funny Pink Valentine

Besides sounding like it should be an episode of Scrubs, my new yarn is named after the fiber colorway.

The fiber was the February fiber from my Spinning The Seasons fiber club. It’s 50% Tussah Silk and 50% Merino, which is  a very lovely combination.

I decided it would be lovely to make in a laceweight singles, but since I’m still pretty new with the wheel, it turned out to be a little uneven and sometimes laceweight and sometimes fingering weight. I will get better though.

It’s quite lovely, though I can’t say I love the yellow parts. The way the yellow mixed with the white, it sort of looks like someone sweat on the yarn. I hope that will blend in with knitting and not look so much like that.

I’m going to make a shawl with it, and it’s going to be gorgeous. So, without further ado, I bring you My Funny Pink Valentine:

I must say that spinning with Merino and Silk is wonderful. The yarn is so soft and smooth and shiny. The shawl I make with it is going to be totally gorgeous! I’m really excited about it.

Here’s one more picture for the road:



  1. So how many yards of yarn is this and how long does it take to spin it with these spinning wheels?

    • Y’all are funny. I like how your email address is “Dad” when “Dad” is also his email address. Lol.
      It’s 560 yards of yarn and I spun it all last weekend. It took most of the day on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday, so significantly faster than the spindle. To put it into perspective: this was half as much fiber as that blue and green stuff I was spinning at graduation, and it took me a month to spin that.

  2. Wow! Pretty yarn!

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