Posted by: mamakass | March 12, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to me! Happy giveaway to you!

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for a year already! Well, actually, I can. I’ve done so many things since I started it. I finished my translation, graduated college, moved to my new home and have had my new job for months! It’s been a great year, though.

So, to celebrate, I’m having a giveaway! (Since that’s apparently what knitbloggers do for blogiversaries and because i love you, dear readers)

What am I giving away, you ask?

One personalized, handmade by me, soap in a sock to be delivered to you for washing with. I chose this because it’s a knitter and non-knitter friendly gift (and, oddly enough, I know there are people who don’t knit who read this.)

Don’t know what a soap sock is? Well, they’re my newest obsession. I’ve made like five lately for various people. They’re a small bag of wool knit tightly around the soap. As you use it, the wool felts more and keeps shrinking to match the size of the soap. It helps your soap last longer, is exfoliating AND helps keep you from dropping your soap in the shower!

Here is a picture of the ones I made for my sister and I:

Here’s the deal:

The winner will get to pick any bar of soap they want from this vendor and one of the following yarn colors:

(That’s purple, brown/beige/cream, green and brown) and I will knit a soap sock in the color for the bar they choose and mail it off to them.

How to enter (one entry for each of the following)

1) Tell me what you’d like to win

2) Tell me the funniest thing that’s happened to you lately

3) Add me to your RSS feed (you have to tell me so)

The giveway will end next week, March 19 and I will announce the winner then, who will be chosen via

Good luck!



  1. Kassandra! I would love a soap sock! I’m glad you’re still making them. I figured I had to enter your contest…why not!

    1) I’d like the mucho mango soap in (what else) the green yarn.

    2) So today (because funny things happen every day) afterschool I had a student stay after to make up a vocab quiz. His friends were waiting with him and they were clearly bored. One of them just suddenly looked up at me and said “Hey Miss, can I take a vocab quiz too?” This student is NOT in any of my classes. I shrugged and then gave him a quiz figuring it will at least teach him something. The other kid then felt left out and was like “hey! I wanna take one too!” I laughed and gave him one.

    Then I challenged them both that if they happened to beat my student (the one actually taking the quiz who is one of my best students) that I would give them each a donut (there was a donut sale at school today and I bought some).

    Then these kids tried SUPER hard to beat my student on the quiz. They read over the passage several times and really scrutinized all the answer choices. I then made a big show of grading them all at the same time and hiding the winner. Well…one of the other students won, so I gave them all donuts. It was pretty hilarious.

    3) Already did! That’s how I found this post so quickly.

    PS. Remember…I love you more than anyone else that reads this. Plus, don’t forget how hot it was when we were roommates two years ago. I feel like you owe me.

  2. congrats and i’d like to win a soap sock, thanks

  3. I would like the oatmeal (unscented) soap in the purple yarn. I have allergies and use all unscented products.

    • Since you have allergies, I want to let you know that the purple yarn has some silk in it. Let me know if that’s a problem.

  4. Congratulations on your blogiversary!

    1. I’d love the almond and honey soap in a purple sock.
    2. Funniest thing today: was fooling around on facebook when I saw my 15-yr-old daughter post on her status that “you can’t count on anybody”. I immediately posted a comment that “you can count on your mother” I next heard a bellow from her room “Mom!!” She came running out sputtering about how could I do that, how embarrassing…I told her she could delete it, she said she already had, but she didn’t know who had seen it already. She ended with “Don’t ever do that again!”, and disappeared into her room. I’m still chuckling….
    3. Done!

    Great idea about the soap sock, I’m also doing a yarn giveaway on my blog and I was a little concerned that it left out the non-yarnie readers. I like your solution!


    • Your story is hilarious. My sister and I were just laughing out loud about it.

  5. 1. I want the chocolate soap in the green sock. Oh wait…that’s it there in the picture!

    2. There was this girl in my living room doing a very silly dance and making humorous wisecracks about closed-minded people. Oh wait! That’s you!

    3. Done!

  6. Happy blogiversary!

    1) I’d like Pink Grapefruit Soap with shea butter and coconut milk in green yarn.

    2) The funniest thing that’s happened to me lately was running into a lady I worked with last fall and being unable to recognize her without a hairnet.

    3) I subscribed to your RSS feed.

  7. 1) I would totally love a bar of their peppermint soap with shea and coconut in a purple sack.

    2) Well, I was 1.5 hours late to a workshop I realy wanted to attend, but did not know it because I was there early, but only heard the last 15 minutes of the talk. Darn it! It was funny I was thinking it was odd the speaker was already taking questions at the beginning of the talk. Duh!

    3) I am following your blog over on blogger, so hopes that counts toward the feed thingee.

  8. 1) Lilac bouquette in blue yarn

    3) done; I have been reading your blog since last summer & really enjoy it–both the knitting tips and the personal insights.

    2) Our customers take a plastic number to be served. A new customer came in and was told to take a number. Later he complained that people were being served before him. When he showed me his number he had taken the bottom number off the stack–he had our highest possible number!! When told he had the last number, he said you just said take a number, you did not say take the top or next number.

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