Posted by: mamakass | February 28, 2010

Have I told you lately how much I love my boyfriend?

You see that awesome new header at the top of my blog? That’s a girl knitting in a lively breeze? And how she looks like me in the green dress I designed? And the font with my blog title is totally awesome?

Yeah, he made that for me. He’s a designer and likes to draw things and is obsessed with font (which is why the title looks so cool). So, it looks awesome. I even resized the little me and made it my new ravatar, which, I think, is really cool.

He even made the knitting needles go the right way! It always annoys me on drawing when the needles make a “V” shape, because that would be very difficult to knit.

Anyway, I’m rambling. The point is that it’s totally awesome and I love my boyfriend.

Oh, and Don Juan likes it too. See? He’s smiling.



  1. It’s great! I’m like you, I hate when knitting needles “V”, glad yours are “anatomically” correct. 🙂 Tell boyfriend he did a great job.

  2. Thanks! I will!

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