Posted by: mamakass | February 7, 2010

FO: Floweredy lace cardigan

I am not totally happy with this sweater for several reasons:

1) I’m stupid and used a yarn with acrylic in it for a lace cardigan. I steam-blocked it, but the lace couldn’t quite stretch enough and there’s a definite problem with the fit because of it. The only way to fix this really would be to rip out the whole collar and re-knit it with more stitches, but I might be too lazy for that.

2) Well, one pretty much covers it. I will still wear the cardigan, but I would like it to fit better.

I knit so many things in this picture!

Out after the massive snowstorm.

Pattern: Queen Anne’s Cardigan by Christina Wall

Yarn: Recycled Thrift Store Sweater Yarn

You can see the gauge problem in this picture under my arm.

After shoveling out the cars today, Dick and I took a walk around our neighborhood to do a photo shoot. We ended up in the park and took a few shots. It was pretty fun watching everyone freaking out about how much snow there was and how hard it was to drive on the very, very hilly streets where I live.

I’m not actually very happy with how this sweater turned out, as I said above. I shouldn’t have made it with acrylic yarn, and I should have put extra stitches in the collar to make up for it, but I guess I didn’t think well enough. And I KNEW it wouldn’t turn out well while I was knitting it, but it was one of those things where you do it anyway.

I might go back and rip out the collar and re-knit it with more stitches, but then I might be too lazy. The whole thing is a little bigger than I’d have liked, especially the sleeves, which I made longer.

Here’s the obligatory photo of the back, and you can all go back to shoveling yourselves out of feet of snow. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the southern hemisphere, in which case, happy summer!



  1. Did you knit the gloves as well? They look cute and like something you would design for yourself?

    • No, Grandma gave me those for Christmas.

  2. I also use the word floweredy, which by the way is not a word. I am wondering if you are from Kentucky. I haven’t heard it used anywhere else.

    • I have lived many places, none of which were in Kentucky. It’s something I started saying because I think adjectives sound more adorable with a “d” added to them. I also say “squaredy,” for example.

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