Posted by: mamakass | January 12, 2010

WIPs: Twins and Sweaters all around

I currently have two WIPs. This is a little sad for me because I tend to like knitting one thing at a time. However, the cardigan that I’m working on has become too large to easily fit in my purse, so it has become a stay-at-home project. Here is a picture of it (from about a week ago. I’m on sleeve number 1 now)

You'll have to wait for the FO post

Did you think you were going to get a picture of the whole thing? That would look stupid.

The pattern is Queen Anne’s Cardigan (ravelry link). Apparently, I just found out in making that link, the pattern has, in the last month I’ve been knitting that cardigan, turned into a for-sale pattern, so I guess it’s good that I decided to print it out when I did. And that I printed it out and don’t have more questions. That always sucks when free patterns you’re working on turn into for-sale patterns halfway through. Though I must say that it’s a nice pattern and the designer certainly deserves to make money for it.

As I said, I’m much farther along than that. I’m lengthening the sleeves to three-quarter length and I’m about at the elbow of the first one.

I just cast on this evening for some socks for Dick. He’s been bugging me lately wanting socks because I’ve been bragging so much about mine, so I finally broke down and started his. I don’t have a picture of the sock yet (I only have about a quarter of an inch of 2×2 ribbing, you can use your imaginations).  But I’ll show you a picture of the yarn (wound on my brand-new ball winder I got for Christmas from Dick’s sisters)

They're even in the kitchen.

Yum yum cakes.

The yarn is a self-patterning yarn that Dick picked out for himself. Since I wasn’t sure how much yarn I would need for a man’s sock, I bought two balls and figured I’d make myself a coordinating pair. Also this way I can use each ball for knitting two at a time.  The yarn is Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks–Twin Cities.  I can’t seem to find a link at the moment to that particular yarn. Wisdom yarns has their sock yarns, this Marathon Socks line, but they name different things after different cities. I’m not sure I understand it really, but Dick’s sock yarn is named after the twin cities, which is cool because I’m a twin. And because the socks will be twins. So it’s really just twins all around. Either way, Don Juan* down there at the bottom likes it.

*Yes, I did just mention Don Juan so I could put that tag on this post. Why? I’m in the mood.


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