Posted by: mamakass | January 6, 2010

Something new!

So, something new and excited happened for my fibery life last month, and I have yet to share it with you! (How could I?)

My Mommy and Daddy were nice enough to give me an AWESOME Christmas present. What is it? I’ll tell you:

Don't prick your finger, Sleeping Beauty!

Don't prick your finger, Sleeping Beauty!

A spinning wheel! Mom and Dad didn’t pick it out, they just gave me the money to get what I wanted, which is really the best, because they wouldn’t have had any idea. I got it off etsy, which was really just luck, as the woman was selling it for $200 pick up only, and just happened to live half an hour from here. So Dick and I went over to pick it up one day. It is a Country Craftsman spinning wheel, which is a reproduction of an old flax wheel (mine doesn’t have a distaff). Anyway, it’s in pretty good condition, so I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve started spinning some yarn on some gross old fiber that I bought to practice on. (Eww, it smells like basement.) But oh well, it was cheap, and we all love cheap practice things. Though I can’t wait until I have done the whole pound of it and can move on to prettier, nicer yarns. I really hope that the fiber doesn’t make my basket smell like basement forever and throughout the universe in perpetuity! Oh no! That would be horrific!

The other bad thing that happened regarding the wheel is that it came with five bobbins (three 2 oz. and two 4 oz.) the large bobbins won’t fit on the flyer! I’m not sure how that happened. But it’s alright. The wheel was so cheap I can just afford to buy some new ones. I already bought a lazy kate, which came wrapped in Newspaper from New Zealand in 1999! It’s an Ashford Lazy Kate, so that explains New Zealand, but the 1999 is a little beyond me, because the yellowing on the pages made it obvious that it’s been sitting in the same place since 1999. Hahaha! It still looks like new inside, so who really cares, other than that New Zealand is hilarious.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me dressed in my “pioneer” dress (the print is women picking apples) while I’m spinning. It’s pretty awesome.

Also, my fiber matches my carpet. I'm so chic!


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