Posted by: mamakass | September 28, 2009

Oh, the blogging world.

My Herringbone summer dress was apparently the free pattern of the day yesterday. That’s quite exciting! Now I’ve had two of my patterns make that status. Though I’m honestly suprised that the herringbone dress made it and the green dress didn’t, since in my opinion the green dress is a more attractive pattern.

In other exciting news, being the free pattern of the day got me my first negative comment! A woman thinks my dress is immodest. And I must say, I don’t disagree with her. It is an immodest dress, but that’s sort of the point since it was meant to be worn around the house or to the beach. But I’m excited about getting negative comments because I had begun to believe that the knitblogging world was just nice people after nice people. And I do get curious about people’s negative comments to my knits. Or knits in general. It’s helpful to everyone to know the pros and cons of things.  Anyway, yay!!!

In other news, I had to rip out the first half of my nannananabooboo socks because my gauge was wrong :-(So, back to knitting them I go!


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