Posted by: mamakass | September 20, 2009

Two more FOs and Man, do I suck at blogging lately

I suck at blogging because my wireless has been broken, which means I can only use the internet on my sister’s computer (complicated, but whatever) and it’s just a pain to blog on a computer that isn’t mine. But today I have gone out to my local cafe and am using their free wireless, so you all get to hear from the lovely me. Yay!

My two FOs this week don’t each get their own post because I don’t think they’re cool enough to merit it. It’s not that I don’t love them, but they just didn’t take much work or effort. They were quick and easy, just how intermediary knits should be. I shall tell the story in chronological order.

The first one you’ve already heard about. I was organizing my stash on ravelry and a ball of white yarn informed me that it needed to become this hat, so I spent a whole day making it so the yarn would quit yelling at me. I think those are always the best projects, aren’t they?


Pattern: Slouchy Shortrow by Brittany Wilson

Yarn: Uhh….I don’t know. I found it dorm shopping my junior year of college. My guess is that it’s something my lion brand, because my friend was teaching all the kids in her dorm to knit and took them to Michael’s to get yarn. This yarn clearly has acrylic, mohair and probably wool in it, and since Lion Brand is the only thing they sell at Michael’s that isn’t 100% acrylic (basically) it’s probably that. It’s a 2-ply worsted weight that looks a little shiny, and splits like crazy. Also, it drops fuzz everywhere. It LOOKS like Lion brand Marcy based on the one picture on ravelry. But I can’t be sure.

Needles: Size 6 dpns.

Modifications: None


This was a very quick knit, and fun because everyone loves shortrows. I liked knitting it because it was fun and a little different. Also, the shortrow shaping on it makes the hat fit better than most. The back of the hat fits perfectly on the back of my head where it goes in, the top of the hat fits on the round part at the back and the whole curve forward is the front of the hat. that’s something cool and different. And it feels nice on. My only problem with it is that the back of the hat looks a little silly, but I think I like it anyway.


See? Weird. Anyway, I’d like to see this done with some other stitch besides garter. Like stockinette and reverse stockinette? stockinette and moss stitch? I don’t know. But it would look nicer on the back I think.

Next FO:


Pattern: improvised Stashbuster!

Yarn: Lionbrand Homespun leftover from the American Flag blanket my sister and I made our brother.

Needles: Size 10.5

It’s funny how my feeling about Lionbrand Homespun has changed over the years. When I first started knitting I thought it was the softest, best yarn ever and didn’t think I’d ever like another yarn better. Then I found the glory of non-acrylic yarns and yarns that don’t stretch like crazy, and I’ve lost my passion for it.

Anyway, Dick loves blue, and all we had left was blue and white, with about the right amount left to make a scarf. And since I’m on a no new yarn diet until my stash is entirely gone, I don’t have much of an option but stashbusting. And with fall coming and Dick needing a new scarf (I mean needing as sarcastically as possible. He already has one. I just didn’t knit it. And since I use knits to claim my man as my own, he needed a scarf. Next he needs a hat and a sweater and gloves and mittens and a knitted sign saying, “Hey! I’m taken and my girlfriend loves me! See look! She knits me stuff!” Well, that’s the idea anyway). Since I had like three times as much blue as white, I made the stripes three times as wide. I knit it diagonally to make the garter stitch more interesting, and I used garter stitch so it wouldn’t curl since acrylic is stupidly impossible to block. I put the fringe on because I had enough extra yarn and I thought it would look pretty to have the fringe continue the stripes. It does. See?

It looks so pretty how the fringe continues the stripes.

It looks so pretty how the fringe continues the stripes.

That’s about all I can say about this scarf, except that I’m (thankfully) out of Lionbrand homespun and I only have one ball left of 100% acrylic yarn! I think I’m going to use it to knit a charity scarf for Loop. (They’re collecting things for the Ronald McDonald house.) I love the color, but I don’t even have any idea how many yards there are, and I’m not thrilled about the yarn.

Currently I’m working on a pair of Naniboujou socks from Knitting. They’re coming along nicely (by that I mean I’ve done about three inches of the first one. So I guess they in the plural are not coming along nicely. They singular are coming along nicely?)

I suppose I will update on that next weekend, or whenever I get a chance to have internet on my own computer again.


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