Posted by: mamakass | September 5, 2009

TWO FO’s?! Man, it HAS been a productive weekend

It’s only Saturday afternoon, and I have a lot to show for the weekend so far. First of all, I was trying to finish up the projects I was working on because I wanted to start working on something I wanted to make, the Naniboujou socks from Knitty.  Hahahahahaha. That’s me laughing at myself. Why? Well, here’s the story.

Friday I got home from work and my sister and I got to cleaning our house. I did laundry, dishes and other things before we started making dinner. We had found a recipe for Pear Cranberry soup in one of our cookbooks and wanted to try it. Turns out, Pear Cranberry soup is really just cider. So we drank it and then foraged for dinner in the pantry and leftovers. (How can a cookbook seriously put cider as a soup recipe? What’s wrong with them?) Anyway, all I had left to do to finish the projects I was working on was finishing. I didn’t feel like doing finishing. So what do I do? I start stashbusting a charity scarf from the leftover yarn from my brother’s flag blanket. Why? Because it was easy and I wanted to knit. I got about a foot of it done before I got bored and started updating my ravelry stash. Then one of the yarns yelled at me that it wanted me to make that metapostmodern hat I blogged about in one of my first posts so I started making that. Until way too late last night. This morning I did the finishing I was supposed to do yesterday, so now I have two FO’s.

That’s the problem with not having an interesting pattern, I start working on things I don’t care so much about just to have knitting to do. Oh well, at least I’m stashbusting, which helps with my self-imposed not-buying-yarn-until-my-stash-is-totally-busted rule.

Anyway, to be fair to my two beautiful FO’s, I’m going to give each of them its own post. Be prepared for two more posts today.

Also, my blog has been much more productive this week than it has been in a long while. I think that’s because it’s starting to be knitting season again!


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