Posted by: mamakass | September 5, 2009

FO: My work tea cozy

I feel a little funny about this, because this is the first time I’ve knit two of one of my own patterns. I don’t expect that I’ll ever knit two of the others because of how long it takes to knit a dress, but I’m glad I made myself a tea cozy using my pattern.


Pattern: Checkered Tea Cozy by me

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool

Needles: Size 7 circulars for body and size 6 dpns for top

Modifications: I used a button on the side and Ysolda’s button loop technique for the button loop to go through the handle. Additionally, I only increased 2/3 of the rows on the top AND I blocked the top to make it flatter. Also, I didn’t put on any way to hold down the top flap. It just sits on top.


I really like this pattern, but since I wrote it, I can’t really say anything about how easy it is to follow because I didn’t actually READ it at all while I was knitting this. I think it looks really great, though, and I think it will do a really good job of keeping my tea warm.


However, I am REALLY pissed off by something. It’s the yarn. I’m upset because this yarn is incredibly soft and wonderful, but see how the bind-off edge for the top is gold and all the other trims are red? It’s because I RAN OUT of red yarn. I don’t understand, because this pattern doesn’t call for significantly different amounts of the two colors. But somehow I had about 20 yards less of red than gold. Now, considering the skeins are only supposed to have 85 yards each, one missing 20 yards is a serious problem. Unfortunately, I’m not sure who to blame. It could have been Mission Falls for winding the skein wrong, or someone could have bought it, pulled off 20 yards and returned it to the store. Either way, It’s rather annoying and I’m only thankful that I was able to finish the top design before running out of red. Oh well. At least it turned out ok.



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