Posted by: mamakass | June 23, 2009

It is very difficult to photograph clear things.

I got those things I ordered in the mail yesterday. That would be my sock blockers and my stitch markers.

The sock blockers are from 7 Yaks Design on etsy. They’re really great. Because not only are they sock blockers, they are also a needle gauge! I love things that unexpectedly multitask! And the stitch markers are from memarcierenee. They also unexpectedly multitask by having the stitch marker ring on both ends, one smaller than the other, so you can use them on smaller or larger needles. It’s great, particularly because i really bought them for use on tiny needles. I bought the hodgepodge of dual-sized markers she sells, because it was cheap and because Ihave no reason to need my stitch-markers to match.

Anyway, here are the pictures of my progress on my sock, which is fairly impressive if you remember my boyfriend came to visit my new home for the first time this weekend, so no knitting occurred between Friday evening and Monday morning. There are several pics that are sort of redundant, but remember, I’m trying to show pics of a sockblocker that’s clear. And it’s very difficult to photograph clear things.








  1. Your socks looks lovely…and thanks for the link to the etsy shop. The apartment sounds great. Your sister’s boyfriend is a gem ~ he makes the most beautiful things! =]

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