Posted by: mamakass | June 18, 2009

I’ve started my first sock!

I never really thought I’d knit socks. It just seemed silly to knit things that would be hidden by your pants and shoes. Then I realized I wear socks all the time around the house without shoes on. So I’ve sort of been thinking about it lately. Then, I pulled these socks out of my drawer

Oh! The awfulness!

Oh! The awfulness!

and was convinced I could do better. I had some knitpicks Palette that I’ve had so long I don’t even remember what I bought it for. (I’m not a stash knitter. I buy yarns for specific projects. Then I usually decide the yarn is wrong and put it in a stash or find a pattern to go with the yarn. So I do have a small (compared with other people) stash.) Anyway, I decided it was finally time to make that yarn into a pair of socks. Only, I had to find a pattern. So I went to trusty knitty to find a sock pattern listed as “mellow” since it’s my first sock and I wanted to start off easy. Oddly, the only one is a lacy sock, which is probably not actually “mellow” considering there are also basic socks, but I’m a pretty advanced knitter so I figured I could handle it.

Anyway, I am now knitting the Chevrolace socks from the Winter 07 Knitty. I’ve finished the toe of one of them, and want to show you all pictures.


And closer up

And closer up

Anyway, I am totally sold on sock knitting now! I never realized how much better they’d fit than regular socks! I used to hate wearing socks inside anything but boots or sneakers because they’d bunch up around the toes and be uncomfortable, but these fit so snugly and nicely around my toes without having extra fabric there bunching!

So anyway, I spent a while today putting every sock pattern on knitty into my ravelry queue. And I bought some sock blockers from etsy. They’re awesome. I haven’t gotten them yet, but I’ll show you once they come.



  1. I too have recently fallen in love with sock knitting. My first pair were knit on double points, but I recently learned how to use two circular needles. It has made all the difference!!

    • I need to get some more circular needles in tiny sizes. I’m knitting these with magic loop, and I do hate it. I think I would like knitting them on two circs better.

  2. Haha! That’s adorable, the queueing every single pattern.

    Welcome to sock knitting! 😀 (I’m only on my second pair, but I do love it, and have been wearing knitted ones for years thanks to my sister.) I like the pattern you chose. I’m having to steer clear of lace for the moment, due to knitting with a baby either on my lap or on my floor tugging on me wanting to be on my lap again. Hedera are a lovely Knitty pattern that are far easier than they look; it’s the same lace pattern more or less as the February Lady sweater.

    • I’ll definitely have to look into the Hedera pattern. I love knitty, so easy to use!

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