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The camera situation has been resolved. The old one couldn’t be fixed, so I got a new one. Thanks, Daddy!

Anyway, this weekend was fantastic. It was Dick and my anniversary, so I went to visit him for the weekend. We went to a delicious restaurant called Chima. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse, and the gimmick is amazing. It’s a delicious fancy restaurant with amazing food, but it’s all-you-can eat. It’s $45 all you can eat. And it works like this. You sit down, they give you the fancy restaurant greeting, explaining the place, welcoming you, putting your napkin on your lap, then inviting you to go to the salad bar. There are fancy things on the salad bar. Then, when you’re finished with your salad, it is time to eat your meat. You get a coin on your table that’s orange on one side and says, “Yes, please” and black on the other side and says, “No, thank you.” And there are men whose job it is to walk around the restaurant carrying delicious meat. When they see your coin is orange, they go over to your table and offer you their meat, cut off a portion cooked how you want it, and before he walks away, there’s another man offering a different kind of meat. I had duck, lamb, flank steak, filet mignon and other delicious meats. We also got a bottle of wine. They have a $1,270 bottle of wine on the menu! Now, I know I’m not a huge wine connoisseur, but I do not understand how a 2004 vintage could be worth so much, and I will never have the money to find out. Anyway, it was a fantastic dinner.

I also went to his company picnic and met some of the people he worked with, but we didn’t stay long because we got lost on the way there.

And I’m spending my days since I got home from visiting him applying for jobs, which is tiring and stressful, but hopefully I’ll get a job soon. My sister and her boyfriend already have. Her boyfriend has an architecture internship for the summer (still has a year of school left.) And my sister got a job offer yesterday to be a member of a new professional dance company! I’m so happy for her! She’s finally a professional dancer! Yay!!!

Anyway, without further ado, I give you pictures I promised when I didn’t have a camera.

I'm knitting a hand towel!

I'm knitting a hand towel!

It’s the Diamond and Arrows Hand and Face Towel (pdf link). I’m knitting it with Peaches and Cream I got at a Walmart near here. I hate the color, but what with Walmart cutting their craft section, there was very little choice. And I needed a hand towel. We realized after moving in that we didn’t have any. Here’s a closeup of the bottom detail:

Looking lovely

Looking lovely

Don’t worry, I’m still working on the dress pattern I’m designing, but you still don’t get to see pictures of it.

Also, here is the yarn bowl my sister’s boyfriend made me:

I love how he used the wood grain to make the cut for the yarn to go through

I love how he used the wood grain to make the cut for the yarn to go through

I think it’s beautiful, though unless I have a very small ball of yarn the lid is useless. Either way, I love it.

And here’s the planter he made us out of a tire he found on the side of the road:

That's the metal wheel there in the middle.

That's the metal wheel there in the middle.

And finally, the table he made:

Yeah, it has stuff on it. What can I say? It's a table.

Yeah, it has stuff on it. What can I say? It's a table.

I cleared off part of it to show off the detailing on the table top. I hope this impresses you all:


There are four of those circles on the table, and they slide out so the tabletop can collapse into little triangles. Each of the four of them is a different kind of wood to go with the four different woods in the chairs. None of the wood is stained, it’s just treated and beautiful.

Goodness, it is useful to have a man around who’s good at making things!



  1. Your welcome.

    Also your Mom would like to have one–a man who is good at things around the house.

    • 😀

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