Posted by: mamakass | June 9, 2009

Moving is nasty for the blog

My camera broke during the move. So still no pictures until I either get it fixed or replace it. I’ll have to take it in to see if it can be fixed, because I really don’t want to shell out $200 for a camera when I just moved this month. In case I have to buy a new one, anyone know where I can get a good camera for not a lot of money? I mean, I know most places have pretty good ones for like $150, but I am currently unemployed, so I’d like it cheaper. The other possibility is keeping my blog gross and photoless until I find a job so I can pay for one. Let’s cross our fingers on my camera being fixable AND me finding a job soon.

We moved in all right this weekend. Though driving a 16 foot truck through city streets is pretty lame. I was so scared we’d hit cars all over the place. These roads are seriously not wide enough for two lanes of parking and two lanes of driving with space for a giant truck. We wanted to get the truck out of the way, so we just pulled everything out of it in about an hour and then my dad went to return the truck while we finished moving up into the apartment. Then we spent the rest of the day organizing and putting stuff away. My bedroom looks nice even though I haven’t put anything on the walls yet, and the living room looks nice with things on the walls. My sister’s boyfriend (who is in architecture school and good at woodworking) made us a table as a final for one of his classes. It was a class of feng-shui in architecture, so he applied the rules of it to the table, which is completely collapseable. The top folds into quarters and with just a screw and some pieces of wood it stays together. Plus it’s made of really nice hardwoods, so it will go with everything and last forever. A selection of the woods: The legs are mahogany, the top is maple, and each of the four chairs are different woods (to go with the four elements). Bloodwood (something like that) for fire (that one’s mine because of my giant crush on red. This wood is unbelievably red), black maple for earth, pine for air  (I might be wrong on that wood. It’s some wood that’s very light, so it’s airy), and willow for water. I’ll post pictures of the table when I get a camera again. Basically, you are all jealous because you don’t own it.

My favorite thing about moving into the apartment was having a linen closet and a bathroom to put things in. I didn’t have to keep everything in my room, which gave me a lot more closet space. Yay!

Also, my sister’s boyfriend made me a yarn bowl. It’s really cool. Again, pictures when the camera situation is figured out.

I feel bad about this camera stuff, but I hope you can all forgive me. Luckily, in the meantime, I’m working a lot on that dress design. I’m down to the hips!

I’m going down to see the boyfriend next weekend for our anniversary (Yay!) We’re going to go out for Brazilian food. I’m pretty excited.

Oh, also blogable, there was a bike race in our neighborhood this weekend. It was an international cycling championship, and the route went right down my street. I could sit on my bed and watch the race out my window. It was super awesome. I was going to take pictures, but that’s when I realized my camera was broken, and we couldn’t go anywhere to see about it because the road was closed and we couldn’t drive out of the parking lot. There isn’t anywhere close by to walk to to go see about getting it fixed.

I hope you all had a more relaxing weekend than I did!


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