Posted by: mamakass | June 3, 2009

Moving is hard work

So is applying for jobs. Ugh. However, I have been working on both lately. I’m packing up everything that belongs to me, including the 100millionthousandbajillion books I own and putting it all in the basement. This is mostly a pain in the butt because of the 765 thousand million books that need to be put in boxes, but is also a pain in the butt because of deciding what things I do and don’t want to take from my parents house, what I want to throw away, what I want to give away, and what I want to leave here. Ugh.

My sister, on the other hand, is happily moved in to our new apartment. I will be joining her Saturday night with my Dad and the moving truck. And all of our belongings.  I prefer moving out of college than my parents house. It’s easier. You put everything in a suitcase or box because everything comes with you. Now I have to CHOOSE. That’s the hard part.

I did, however, get a little knitting done on the dress I’m designing. By that I mean about a quarter inch while I was watching tv. This dress has very long rows and as such is taking forever. That, and the fact that I’ve had hardly any knitting time in the last month because of OMG I’m graduating-moving out of the dorm-moving back to my parents house-trying to pack up everything I own and find a job before I move into my new apartment! All of the rooms I’ve been packing in look like a hurricane swept through because there is so much on the floors. Ugh. Moving sucks.

Plus I’m feeling lonely. There aren’t a lot of friends left where I grew up because we all moved away for college. Plus my sister left me a week early. And I stayed so a friend could come visit me, but she isn’t coming anymore. So it’s just me hanging out with myself all day while my parents are at work at them for a while when they get home before they go to bed. Though tonight I get some friend time! Yay! Two of my high school friends and I are going out to Sonic. It should be fun.



  1. I agree, packing is the pits…when I was growing up, our family moved 12 times…I went to 11 different schools between kindergarten and 12th grade…no special reason, my mom would just get a house done in her style and then they’d buy another one…geesh!
    Good luck with everything! Congrats on Graduation by the way!
    ~Vicki (nonaofsav on Ravelry)

    • That sounds awful. Thankfully, we’re mostly loved in now, so things should settle down soon.

  2. Commiserations ~ I hate packing up and moving too. May it pass quickly.

    • Thanks. It’s pretty much over now.

  3. I wanted to come! 😦

    But seriously, the amount of time we would have spent together would have been about 4 hours max. I got to Nashville around 6pm, had dinner, and then basically fell asleep until I got up and left at 7:30am. And after driving another 10 hours this week to Houston…I can tell you that I’m super sick of driving.

    However, it looks like I’m going to be placed in Arkansas, which has a later start date for school! So (fingers-crossed) I’ll probably be able to go to your brother’s wedding!

    I miss you already.

    • I know you did, and I understand. Driving is lamezors. It’s awesome that you’re going to be in Arkansas and maybe come to the wedding. Come to the wedding!!!! I want to see you!!! I miss you!
      I just moved in, and now it’s back to job hunting. You were smart to get on top of it and be done. I still have to find something. Ugh.

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