Posted by: mamakass | May 15, 2009

I’m the Free Pattern of the Day!

So, looking at my blog stats today, I noticed and absurdly high number of views. (Think 1,743, and it’s only 1:45…)

So anyway, I did a little further research into my blog stats, and it turns out that my Checkered Tea Cozy is the pattern of the day on The Daily Knitter! I’m so happy that this pattern has gotten so popular around the internet! I’ve gotten tons of views and comments about people liking it, and I am so happy that people are enjoying my work! It’s such an honor to be the designer for the pattern of the day. (I mean, I do understand that 364 other designers get that every year too, but I’m sure I’m in good company with them.)

So anyway, I hope the whole internet continues to appreciate my patterns, and any I make in the future and we can all share in the love of free patterns.

On another note, I will likely be posting very little in the next two weeks, as graduation is fast approaching and I have other things to do besides knit and blog, like spend time with my friends before we move across the country from each other. (And finish my finals…Psh, who cares about that? 😉 )

Speaking of which, I never have understood the correct way to end a parenthetical with an emoticon. Particularly a smiley one. It just looks silly to have two parenthesis next to each other like that. Oh well, I guess that smiley can just be a jovial man with a double chin. Like Santa Claus. He’s winking and smiling because it’s May and he still has 7 months to procrastinate making toys for the kids.

Edit: I just realized that WordPress is awesome and turns my emoticons into actual smiley faces so it doesn’t actually look weird. Please ignore my rantings about Santa Claus.


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