Posted by: mamakass | May 7, 2009

FO–Razor Neckwarmer

Yay! I finished something with the red handspun I finished recently. There were a few things of import about it. First of all, I need small projects to keep me going on the new dress, because it’s a lot of stitches and so it feels like it’s going slowly. Anyway, also, I remembered that mother’s day is on Sunday and I hadn’t gotten anything together for my mom yet. (Won’t be seeing her until graduation, so no fast timing needed there.) Anyway, she loves pink and since the red yarn is rather pinky on the red spectrum I decided to make something for her.

My mother is a biker mom. She asked me once to knit her a scarf she could wear on her motorcycle that didn’t have long tails. I came up with the perfect solution. The neckwarmer. I made her a neckwarmer to wear on her motorcycle. She will love it. Anyway, pics to follow. Obviously, it is not my mom modelling it, as she has not yet recieved it.


It looks awfully large on me in the springtime, but it will look quite fitting on my mom on her bike with her leather jacket. Yeah!

Pattern: Razor Shell Neckwarmer by Wanett Clyde (pdf link)

Yarn: My red handspun

Needles: My trusty size 6 dpns. For some reason I lose all others.


Please ignore the fact that the end is not weaved in in either of these pictures.

Anyway, this was a really easy knit which looked really beautiful in the handspun yarn. The whole thing took less than a day.

In other good news, I discovered the windowsill as a good place for taking pictures with real colors. That up there is pretty accurate. So is this:


Ok, I admit it. That was really my sneaky way of showing off the malabrigo I bought today. I have an art history professor who has been really important to me at college. She once told me that I should knit her something before I graduate. Since she teaches Latin American Art History, I thought there could be no better yarn to use than malabrigo. And such a gorgeous color. I’m making Edgar with it, which I have determined to be a very good choice. But I will go into why more when I have finished it.



  1. OOOOOOhhhh… that colorway is lovely! I heart Malabrigo.

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