Posted by: mamakass | April 22, 2009

Yay! Finished Yarn and Finished Object–Easter Egg Soap!

I have been very busy with my spinning lately (I’m done with one draft of my project and am awaiting my advisor’s notes–no chastising.) Anyway, I finished my first yarn! These are made from the free roving that came with my spindle. Here are the singles:

In my lovely laundry quarter bowl I got in Mexico.

In my lovely laundry quarter bowl I got in Mexico.

And here is the final spun yarn:


The color is pretty accurate in this picture, though the green is greener in real life. And, yes, it is actually that shiny, which is quite lovely. There was more yellow than green roving so I just plied it with itself and made a tiny bit of yellow that will probably never become anything.

I only ended up with about 25 yards, and since I’m never thrilled with thick and thin yarns, I wasn’t sure what to do with this. Besides, I’m not really into yellow and I don’t wear accessories. But I really wanted to make something with my new handspun yarn. Solution? The Soap Sweater.

Mmm...easter eggy

Mmm...easter eggy

Pattern: Soap Sock by Designated Knitter

Yarn: The handspun I just got done talking about

Needles: Size 6 clover bamboo dpns

So, I wasn’t thrilled with the unevenness of my first handspun, but I wanted to knit something with it, and I thought that with the different colors it would look pretty felted, but didn’t have the heart to make something felted. This was a nice compromise. Now, I know it’s something of a pity to waste handspun yarn on a disposable soap sock, but I wouldn’t have used this yarn for anything else, and I’d rather it get used on soap than not at all. I’m not really into having a stash, so I don’t like unused yarns just sitting around. I have to knit them.

So, this pattern was exceedingly easy to knit. It took about 40 minutes and only used about 18 of the yards, leaving me, what, 7 still to work with (I don’t think that will ever get used). It was pretty fun too to knit around a piece of soap. I’m a little concerned with how it will felt because there are some non-felting elements in this yarn (superwash merino and bamboo) but since it was free roving I don’t know the percentages of that. It did, however, felt some the first time I used it, which is encouraging.



Another thing I worried about with this pattern was the wet wool smell. However, luckily, the soap smell overrides the wool smell and it still smells nice. I really liked using it in the shower because it took off a step for putting the soap on the sponge, because it’s already in a sponge, and it gave me something to scrub with. I think it would be better, though in reverse stockinnette or garter stitch to give more exfoliating scrubbiness.

All in all, a win. I sang in the shower. Guess what?

Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap (bar of soap)

Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap (bar of soap)

Cause then I’d get a really pretty handspun sweater…

And then I realized that I can’t sing at all and that the last line didn’t fit the tune. Oh well…



  1. Good try thought. Maybe someday you’ll be able to pen a real song about your soap. JUST KEEP TRUCKIN’

    • Yes. I hope to be a songwriter one day.
      “Oh I wish I were a good songwriter! (songwriter)
      Oh I wish I were a good songwriter! (songwriter)
      Then I’d write some really good song and everyone would love me oh I wish I were a good songwriter!”

  2. Making soap is great w/o a song. Nice job!

  3. Congrats on the handspun yarn! And what a cute little soap sweater. I’ve never even thought of making those.

    I like your blog… nice job!

    • Thanks so much!

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