Posted by: mamakass | April 10, 2009

Knitting Pattern Central

So, I remember back in the days before ravelry that Knitting Pattern Central was the greatest thing ever. It had a list of all the free patterns on the internet, and if I wanted to knit a hat, all I had to do was go to the page on hats and open every single link until I found one that was pretty. I didn’t keep up with it. Then ravelry came around, and with the pictures on their pattern browser, I never went back to knitting pattern central. Apparently, I am not in the majority.

My Checkered Tea Cozy pattern went up on Knitting Pattern Central on Wednesday. Since then, I have gotten 567 views on that pattern. Look at my stats, (the previous, and much smaller jump in views resulted from my putting the pattern up on ravelry.)


Anyway, the point is, I’m surprised that that many people still use knitting pattern central. I’m sure that part of the reason I got so many more views from it is that there are no pictures on Knitting Pattern central, so even people who wouldn’t be interested in the pattern would still click over here. And the people from ravelry would only come if they were interested, but still.

This makes me respect knitting pattern central in a whole new way.



  1. Oh yeah! And wait until you’re pattern of the day (if you are) you end up with a couple of *thousand* hits in 24 hours. Makes your regular hits look miniscule (if you’re me anyway) But I know what you mean – it’s how the other half live – gotta love Ravelry!

  2. I had the same experience with Ravelry vs. KPC. I think that people use KPC and look for the “new item” tag that she puts in front of the name when she adds something new. They are interested in what is, well, new and can easily find it by going to the page of their choice (tea cozy’s or purses or hats!). With Ravelry, you have to sort of pimp yourself out to your groups or other groups that would be interested in order for anyone to know that your pattern is out there, or put fifty tags on it to cover every possible search!
    On the other hand, if you check your stats, the time people are staying on the pattern page when they come from KPC is much shorter since they have to click on it to check it out (and a lot of times click out right away). The Ravelry users who are checking it out already know what it looks like and are genuinely interested!
    Good luck, and I hope you continue to get tons of hits!

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