Posted by: mamakass | April 7, 2009

Metapostmodern knitting

So, I found out today that there’s a knitting website called Metapostmodern knitting. Considering what you all know about me (that I love meta and postmodern things) I was quite excited.

So anyway, I went over there, and was a little disappointed. I’m not really in LOVE with any of the patterns, though they’re pretty cute.

This hat is pretty cute, even though I’m not all that into knitting hats. Also, it doesn’t seem to be that metapostmodern to me, it just looks like a normal hat. Though apparently there are short rows in it. It is, however, a pretty cute hat, which I would totally knit if it weren’t springtime and I needed a hat.

Normal-looking hat

Normal-looking hat

The Pegboard Lace Tunic is ultra-cute. And I would definitely knit it to wear over a tank, or even in cotton to wear as a cover for a swimming suit. I like how the neckline can be worn in different ways, and I like the buttons!

Squee! Superfluous buttons!

Squee! Superfluous buttons!

There is some weird stuff in there though, like these cut-ons. They look very hipster, which is not my aesthetic. Besides that, I usually don’t like it when woven fabric and knitting are used in the same garment. Though I think I know some people who would love these shorts.


I also like La Petite Grue. Though I can’t be sure if that’s because it’s red or not. I have the HUGEST crush on the color red, and whenever anything is made in that color, I have to wait for someone else to make it in another color to see if I really actually like it. Because anything being red automatically means I like it. That makes it ultra-easy for my friends to shop for me. I think this would be really cute in a very drapey yarn. And it should always remain red.

In other news, I’m currently procrastinating the project because I’ve been assigned to read Don Quixote. (Which I LOVE, by the way. It’s so meta and amazing!) Furthermore, I decided to try sugaring my legs. I don’t think I like it because I think it’s a pain in the butt. Though I guess we’ll see how I feel in a few days when it hasn’t grown back in yet.

I’ve been itching to knit lace lately. I’m thinking about starting the  Orenburg Style Shawl (ravelry link) without the intention of finishing it for about ten years. I figure I can start it and then whenever I feel the need to knit lace I can get it out and do one row and then eventually it will be finished and I will be proud of myself for finishing an orenburg style shawl. I know just what yarn I want to buy for it two. I saw some Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb over at my LYS, which was very, very soft, and I wanted to buy it to knit something. Since it’s a very thin laceweight, I think it’s appropriate for the orenburg. It comes in lots of pretty colors, so I’m not sure what I’ll buy. Ooh! Look out! New project, here I come!



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