Posted by: mamakass | April 7, 2009

I am a bad, bad girl

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be working on my various homework assignments or my design, but really, sometimes you just need to take a break and fantacize about loveliness in the world. In this case, my fantasies have moved into the spinning category. That’s right. I’ve decided to learn how to spin. It’s sort of a fantasy I’ve held for a while (doesn’t every knitter?), and I’ve finally decided to do something about it. Forget knitting an Orenburg shawl, I’m going to learn to make yarn. What’s even better about it, I got to make etsy purchases. Mmmmmm. I love etsy so much.

Anyway, these are my beautiful purchases, to satisfy your desires for spinning pr0n.  (P.S. all the pictures in this post are from the etsy stores, which you should know considering I haven’t actually received any of these items).

First, in order to spin, we need a spindle. Now, for the most part I am against beginners of crafts spending a lot of money on them, but in this case, I think having a pretty spindle will make me want to look at it spinning beautifully and thus help me get into the craft. Besides, I’m helping out a fellow artist, so I will justify it. (I didn’t actually spend THAT much on it, it’s just a lot in comparison to the Ashford student spindle, for example.) Anyway, here is my beautiful new spindle, which hasn’t yet arrived:

It is SO gorgeous!

It is SO gorgeous!

It was made by dragoncraft. What’s really cool about this store is that not only are the spindles completely gorgeous, they come with a free 14 to 28 grams of random roving! This means that even if I get the spindle before the roving I ordered, I get to start right away! Plus I can think of the surprise roving as practice so I can sort of get the hang of it before I move on to the pretties. I’m really excited. The whorl is 2.25 inches wide and less than a quarter inch thick and the whole thing weighs 1.2 ounces. Hopefully I will be spinning something beautiful as soon as possible.

In other news, I also bought some roving, because a girl has to have something to practice with. First off, to go with the spindle and because I ❤ red, I got1 oz. of this corriedale X red roving that has been space dyed. The colorway is called Cranberry Ade. Mmm…sounds summery and delicious!

Yay! Red!

Red Roving, Red Roving, send happiness right ov(ing?)

The post says it’s much lovelier than the picture makes it look, so it must be absolutely gorgeous. Besides, at $3, you can’t go wrong. This one was sold by TheFlyingEwe.

My final purchase was more roving, which I didn’t intend to buy, considering I have absolutely no idea how long it takes to spin one ounce, but I couldn’t pass up the colorway because it reminded me of my recent amazing vacation in Puerto Rico with the boyfriend. (Sigh. What wonderful times.)

The colorway is called Sea Breeze
The colorway is called Sea Breeze

This is 1.9 ounces of Merino wool. Here’s the description from etsy:

“Yellow, Emerald Green, Kelly Green, Turquoise and Blue and the colors created when they blend to create a beautiful colorway that reminds me of laying on the beach next to the cool blue/green waters under the green fronds of a palm tree, soaking up the sunny rays and enjoying the sea breezes.”

That sounds like vacation! Besides, what with the palm tree on my header, it suits my blog too. (Considering the palm tree is from the vacation, that is hardly surprising). Anyway, this was made by Split Rock Ranch. I’m going to save this one for last since I want the yarn I make from it to be as amazing as the roving. Therefore, it will come after I make the red stuff (which I will think is amazing anyway, just by virtue of being red), and I will hopefully make something beautiful and beachy from the yarn.

Anyway, besides the fact that I shouldn’t be purchasing things because of my homework, I am extremely happy with these purchases. Squee!

By the way, I am absolutely not allowed to open the packages these come in until my project is at the printer to be printed and bound. If I open them first, you are free to chastise me.



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  2. you could easily get lost in that roving…..

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