Posted by: mamakass | March 31, 2009

How My Translation Project Relates to My Knitting

So, as many people know, knitting is a relaxing hobby. I do it when I’m stressed out, and whenever I’m most stressed out I want to get away and do as much knitting as is humanly possible. This, however, is not particularly good considering that at this moment I’m about a month away from having to turn in my senior project. Not to mention the fact that I have a 20 page midterm to write and a 2-3 page paper. Needless to say, I’m extremely stressed out by school right now. This, however, makes me want to knit ALL THE TIME. This is good for my dress design, but not so good for my project. I am supposed to get the project done in 2 weeks so that I can do final revisions after that without being too stressed out, and still give me a week to get it printed and bound. (I need to turn in four copies of it, three of which need to be bound). Since I really want to start knitting Decimal, (partly because I want that cardigan and partly because I want to have something to show you while I’m designing. I imagine the dress will take quite a bit of time to finish, since it’s knit in a very time-consuming stitch pattern and will soon have very, very long rows), I have decided that when I get my project mostly done (by April 11) I will get to reward myself with the yarn for Decimal. Now I just have to decide what I want. I would give you my thoughts, but that would mean that I would have to go searching, and that means time spent on knitting which I’m not supposed to be spending on knitting.

When I allow myself to buy the yarn, then I can also look into what I want.


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