Posted by: mamakass | March 31, 2009

Finished Object–Happy Cloud Sweater

So, I happened to have a bajillion yards of this yarn in tealy blue and white. Then I saw the pattern and thought it would be perfect to do the cloud chart in white on a blue sweater. However, there was very little else about the original pattern that I liked, so I significantly modified it. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and I believe this might be one of the cutest things I have ever knit, even if I’m not the best at intarsia because this was the first time I’ve used that technique.

He's so happy!

He’s so happy!

Pattern: Happy Cloud Raglan by Katie Marcus

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Petrol and Chalk (Three skeins Petrol and about a half a skein of Chalk)

Needles: Size 4 circulars

The original pattern is a raglan with a cloud and some stars centered on a raglan. I really liked the idea of having a white smiley cloud on a blue background with blue facial features to make it look more cloudy, but I don’t like having designs across my chest, particularly in knitting because of the way breasts can pull things, it can mess up the gauge. So I decided to place the cloud on the bottom right, which would make it look more classy, and take out the stars because blue is daytime. Plus smiley clouds are way cooler than stars.

I then discovered a new challenge. I looked up how to do intarsia, since I never had before, and learned that it’s meant to be knit flat, but I intended to knit the sweater in one piece. It’s not so much that I hate seaming as that it’s bulky and I prefer the look of one piece. Funny that I’m complaining about seaming being bulky considering my solution. Anyway, after a few days of pondering, I decided to knit it “in the round” by cabelling the ends of the row together. So the sweater from the armpits down is knit flat, but the beginning and end of the rows are cabelled around each other to create a circular garment. Here is a closeup of that:

Oooh, cables!

Oooh, cables!

Those of you fancy-pants knitting types will notice that two of the cables are longer than the rest. Ooops. That was during the intarsia and I did NOT intend to go back over 300ish stitches for about 10 rows to fix it. On the bright side, it is because of them that you can sort of see what I mean about the cables being the beginning and end of the row because of that tiny hole there which isn’t even big enough to see skin through.

The other thing you will see in this picture is that I split the cables so as to make it a smooth transition from the cables to the ribbing. There is actually a small cable there right before the final split so that it looks like it splits during a cable. I did this because one of my biggest pet peeves is ribbing that suddenly shifts a stitch or two.

The intarsia didn’t go too badly. Definitely no as badly as I expected. I’m surprised it looks this good. I was expecting terrible gauge shifts to be happening but it mostly behaved.

I liked the yarn after my initial “oh my god it looks like string” reaction, because particularly the white looks like it’s string. However, the yarn was really soft on my hands and nice to work with. I can’t decide if I think it’s fuzzy looking or not, but it’s definitely softer and drapy-er than it looks like on the skein considering the string-y look. Luckily, it doesn’t look stringy at all when it’s all knit up.

Here is a close-up of the cloud, so that you can all have a happy day!

Yay! Springtime!

Yay! Springtime!



  1. So cute! Love the cables up the sides, and it looks great on you (or your model) too!

  2. Thanks so much!

  3. Awe that’s such a cute little top, great design.

    Found you on Ravelry

    • Thanks!

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