Posted by: mamakass | March 18, 2009


I think it’s about time I update something about my translation, mostly because it is EATING MY LIFE right now, which is quite frustrating, as I’d like to be looking for a job, but I have my senior project to be doing.

My college has this big senior project that everyone has to do and it’s a HUGE DEAL. It counts as two classes. So for this project, I’m translating a book called Palmeras de la brisa rápida by Juan Villoro. It is long. And difficult. I’ve found a few typos in the book, which makes figuring out what he’s trying to say a little difficult. But overall, I’m LOVING it. Well, the translation part. The book is really interesting because it has a bunch of different parts and covers a lot of different aspects of life in Yucatan, but right now I’m stressing out because I have to write a critical introduction. It’s making me sad because it feels a lot more like work to me. Sitting down and playing with words, trying to make a sentence sound like it belongs in English but mean the same thing and have the same feel as what Villoro wrote is so much fun to me. I really enjoy doing that. I do not enjoy, however, writing this critical introduction. I feel like it’s almost an entirely separate project that I could spend 5 months working on, and it seems unnecessary given my 150 page translation that takes a lot of time.

I really don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining so much. I really do like the project, and I am actually quite interested in what I’m writing about for the introduction, but I’m currently stressed out because I feel like I have no time to spend on anything else.

Lucky for me, I love knitting, so I’m taking short breaks every once in a while to hank yarn or knit a few rows. Updates later on that.


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